Tuesday , March 31 2015 / 11th Jumada II, 1436 A.H.
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    Speaking for the Prophet

    Narrated Aisha, the Prophet said: "Allah strengthens Hassan (b. Thabit) with the spirit of holiness as long as he speaks in defense or praise of Allah's Messenger." (Mishkat al-Masabih)

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    icraa.org on HUDA TV

    Gabriel K. AlRomaani recently visited Huda TV and recorded a series of programs based on research conducted for icraa.org. These programs will air insh Allah starting in April on Huda TV.

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    Journal of a New Muslim

    Help research work at icraa.org by buying this book

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    Misleading Arguments of Missionaries

    icraa.org has the answers

Quran Preservation and Compilation

Hadith Narrations Explained

Answering Heresies

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