Wednesday , April 23 2014 / 22nd Jumada II, 1435 A.H.
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    Speaking for the Prophet

    Narrated Aisha, the Prophet said: "Allah strengthens Hassan (b. Thabit) with the spirit of holiness as long as he speaks in defense or praise of Allah's Messenger." (Mishkat al-Masabih)

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    Gabriel K. AlRomaani recently visited Huda TV and recorded a series of programs based on research conducted for These programs will air insh Allah starting in April on Huda TV.

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    Journal of a New Muslim

    Help research work at by buying this book

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    Misleading Arguments of Missionaries has the answers

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    Using the works of the best of the scholars

    We take the best from the works of scholars representing varying approaches

Quran Preservation and Compilation

Hadith Narrations Explained

Answering Heresies

Et cetera

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